Our Story

The story behind Get Busy Liv'n.

​As far as we know, the phrase is something that’s been around for decades. Well, maybe the proper grammatical spelling at least… Our version, the way we spell and live this lifestyle brand, first came to life in 2009, when a crew all with Wisconsin roots gathered in the Aspen Valley to embark on the first of what is now an annual outdoor expedition. Each year since we have found ourselves expanding our boundaries, exploring new lands, and doing it with a group who continues to learn more about each other, and more importantly, ourselves.​

To commemorate this lifestyle, having only one life to live, so you might as well Get Busy Liv’n, we decided to promote this through wearables. We are focused on a look that elicits one’s desire to Get Busy Liv’n. We’ve won, when we can someday see someone embracing the GBL’ brand, and not know who they are. Rather, they found us and our brand, and want to wear it as a reminder not only to themselves, but all who see it, to ​Get Busy Liv'n.